There are many small and medium-sized importers of industrial products that Norwegian industry is completely dependent on. Producers are usually internationally reputable companies that leave sales and services to local partners with greater proximity to the market. Contact our advisors today »

Companies are often characterized by:
• High product expertise
• High product quality
• High level of service
• Attractive margins
• Absence of expenses on research and development
• Minimal need for fixed assets
• Good opportunities to draw dividends

The combination of high margins and low capital contributes to a high cash flow that allows these companies to typical yield companies, and thus attractive investments. The challenge in these businesses is particularly related to suppliers, both with regard to renewals of agency agreements and the manufacturer's ability to develop new products.

We know of groups that specialize in buying and developing just such businesses and therefore are used to manage risks associated with the companies' agencies. In the process of the purchase or sale of a business, we provide both advice along the way and act as buffer between the parties to ensure a good negotiating climate.

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