Technology / Media / Telecom (TMT)

Technological innovations make life easier for people and ensure economic growth. The digitalisation of society continues and occurs mostly under the auspices of the companies in the technology, media and telecom sector. Digitalisation implies an increasing need for new technologies and expertise. This is often seen in the SME segment, where innovation is greatest. We also see that the major technology and media companies havet large cash holdings. This creates interesting possibilities where the need for expertise, technology and capacity will drive transaction market into the future. Contact our advisors today »

Eiger Corporate AS has long experience in the TMT sector, both as employees and owners of companies. We see that there are great similarities between the challenges businesses in the three industries are facing. With our industry experience and our network, we have the expertise that is essential to resolve the challenges facing our clients.

We have considerable insight into how the TMT sector is put together and the factors that will affect the valuation of your business. We encourage everyone who goes in thoughts about finding a new owner or partner for their business to contact us today. As a rule, most owners need some maturation before taking the final decision to search for a new owner for their business, and part of our mission is to provide advice and tips about internal and external measures, timing and so on.

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