«A small step for man - a giant leap for your business!»
Organic growth is not always enough to satisfy the demands from restless shareholders, reaching ambitious targets or to secure a firm foothold in the market your business operates in. As basic rule we recommend that any activities ongoing planning how to consolidate and strengthen your market position through purchase or merger. Contact our advisors today »

Eiger Corporate AS can assist with:
- Developing an acquisition strategy
- Identify businesses that may be relevant purchase or fusion objects
- Make a value- and risk analysis with conclusions and recommended procedure
- Negotiate an agreement to purchase or merger
- Retrieving capital to finance the acquisition / merger

What is important for a buyer:
- Competent and stable management with solid history and references
- Good and stable earnings with growth potential
- Low or no dependence on a supplier, customer or product
- Relatively high entry barriers in the industry
- Good exit opportunities

See an opportunity - and grab it!
Our main task is to maximize shareholder value on it that will be sold, ie negotiate the best deal that the market can offer at the time. As long as our fees are primarily dependent on that we get carried out a transaction on behalf of our client, hence our motivation to succeed strong.

A successful sale requires:
- Knowledge of potential buyers and target audience
- Creativity in connection with the deal structure
- Experience from negotiations

Eiger Corporate AS also provides advice regarding the completion of due diligence (DD), documentation in connection with the signing of agreements (Letter of Intent (LOI) Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) etc.) as well as assistance in relation to employees, tax issues and other challenges optionally be solved in this regard. We are responsible for the implementation of all our mission and offer our personal handling of large and small projects from start to finish. We don't delegate to kids.