Mergers & Acquisitions

Organic growth is not always sufficient to expand a company’s business. As a rule we advise that any business should continuously evaluate how to best secure its market position through the acquisition of, or a merger with another business entity. Contact our adivsors today »

In relation to a situation where a client would like to aquire a business, Eiger Corporate  will advise on:

  • The development of an acquisition strategy
  • The identification of potential merger & acquisition candidates
  • The undertaking of a risk evaluation analysis with a recommendation
  • Negotiation of a share purchase agreement (SPA)
  • Ways of financing  the transaction

When considering tom aquirie a business one should always look for competent and stable management with a solid history and references:

  • Stable and high quality earnings with a growth potential
  • Little reliance on few customers, suppliers or products
  • High barriers of entry
  • Exit possibilities