Despite high costs in Norway there are several manufacturing companies that do well. These are typically niche companies that have either a high degree of robotics / automation in their processes or have a unique product that creates great added value for the customer. Some have chosen to establish production of simpler components in low-cost countries, while critical lavskalakomponenter produced in Norway. As the robots are more versatile we are now seeing that part of production in low-cost countries moved back home. Profitable production companies with revenues between 30 and 200 million are attractive for major industrial players if an acquisition can help increase their competitiveness. Contact our advisors today »

Companies who:
• Want a bigger part of the value chain
• Want access to a market position
• Want access to strategically attractive products
• Want access to efficient production capacity
• Want access to expertise
• See significant synergies

Should you sell now, we assist with locating good strategic partners. We provide both advice along the way and act as buffer between the parties to ensure a good negotiating climate.


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