Ethical guidelines

General business requirements
The employees are required to have knowledge of and comply with this code, as well as the rules and regulations of public law, industry statistics and company internal character at any time apply for those effected.

Confidentiality requirements and confidentiality
Data and information of confidential nature which the employee becomes aware of shall not be passed on to unauthorized persons. This also applies where the employee has or acquires knowledge about matters that are not widely known, but which has or may have significance for the financial analytical business. Such information should the employee not disclose, or use to shop for private or employer's expense. The employee shall refrain from giving information on which he / she knows or should know is obtained on dishonest manner or can contribute to unfair activities.

Care of Duty
The employees are professional player in the financial market special care claims against itself with regard to safeguard users' interests and market integrity. Firm must therefore be exercised in a professional and independent manner.

Conflicts of Interest
Principal's interests must always take precedence over the employee or the employer's interests. In the event of conflict of interest between the employee's own and / or employer's interests in relation to a client, or there are doubts related to the employee's impartiality or independence, a procuring entity shall immediately be informed of this. Such information shall also be given to the employer and other affected parties.

Special business requirements: Financial analysis / valuation
A financial analysis / valuation shall be sober and factual and reflect the conclusions drawn on the basis of the analysis process. The assumptions for the analysis conclusions should be stated and will be accounted for the safety and risk assessments that have been made. If there is doubt about the source of the information, this shall be stated in the analysis and it should make clear what is their own and others' assessments. Statistics and other information released by the government or other institutions that prepare such materials for general use, can be used without special references.