The construction industry in Norway is currently experiencing a sharp growth in demand for many of the industry's services. Too few homes are being built, and in the coming years roads and rail lines will be refurbished significantly. At the same time, the industry is faced with increasingly complex requirements for documentation. It is hard to work as a smaller player well out in the project chain and good project managers seem to be scarce. On top of it all more and more foreign players are coming into this rather searing market. Contact our advisors today »

The big players are positioning themselves through acquisitions or mergers. The competition in the industry intensifies and pressure on margins and personnel is amplified. Many from the postwar generation are looking for a new owner to their business. It's a picture of an industry with considerable dynamics in changes of ownership.

Eiger Corporate AS has considerable insight into how the industry is put together and the factors that will affect the valuation of your business. We encourage everyone who goes in thoughts about finding a new owner or partner for their business to contact us today. As a rule, most owners need some maturation before taking the final decision to search for a new owner for their business, and part of our mission is to provide advice and tips about internal and external measures, timing and so on.

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