About us

Eiger Corporate AS is an independent consulting company specializing in strategic advice for owners and management in connection with the purchase, sale, merger, capital raising and refinancing of companies (M&A) with a turnover of MNOK 25-1 MRD. Our clients include industrial companies, private equity and private investors and owners. Contact our Advisors now »

We emphasize discretion, thoroughness and best results for our clients. All information we receive, whether in connection with an assignment or as an initial call for a possible operation, is strictly confidential.

Employees at Eiger Corporate AS has extensive experience in trade, industry, consultancy and financial services industry as owners, directors and employees. This has given us a good understanding of the operational and financial aspects of a transaction.

Eiger Coporate AS is an associate member of the Norwegian Venture Capital Association. We also work internationally with other M&A companies. In addition, we have engaged the service Merger ID, a very useful tool in the search for strategic partners both in Norway and internationally.

Eiger is considered by many to be the last big climb challenge in the Swiss Alps. The north wall was not climbed to the top until as late as 1938. The time spent assembling a team of four men, three days at the 1800 altitude meters from the foot of the mountain close to the Grindelwald, not far from the ski resort of Wengen. Today's record up the north wall (2011) is 2 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds.

The name Eiger serves as a metaphor for coming quickly to the target if you are well prepared. Take proper precautions, aware of various risks, in the alpine world as well as in business. At Eiger Corporate AS, we endeavor to offer our clients a quick and safe journey to the summit - and room to turn around in time if the conditions change significantly on the way.